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castle in the air

I'm in a new chapter of reason. A new era of discovery. The image of a faraway castle is so fulfilling. Quite fantasy, even Disney-like. But also dark, ominous, challenging. A strange duality for such a silhouette. The associations are endless. But this process image struck me hard. Sometimes you just have to pause when you're painting to take in an unintended moment of emotion.

The Phantom Tollbooth (1970) was my favorite book to read growing up. And in the story, there was a dubbed Castle In The Air where Rhyme and Reason resided. The main character, Milo, adventures through a land of language and numbers to learn how to live life with enlightenment. Totally wild book, but it stuck with me.

This process moment resonated with me on a large scale. Represented such futurism but rooted in such nostalgia. As an artist, it's hard to translate every emotion properly in visuals. But this is an excellent starting point to understanding my next adventure.


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