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Venus In Aries

This painting was started in February 2021 during my aquarian birth month. Usually I finish a piece in a short weeks or close months, but I ended up truly coming back to it in August 2021. Creating these esoteric paintings is so organic; I enjoy reading into the story as it unfolds. Everything I make seems to teach me a lesson or school me about myself. Once I had time to truly develop it, I named it Venus In Aries.

In fact, my Venus does falls into Aries, which straight up makes me an intense force in relationships and love of all kinds. And definitely does not make a women, prey of any sort. This piece felt personal, and I love the nod to Moulin Rouge-esque, French Impressionistic forms.

When I worked on the painting originally, I wrote a supplementary poem:

Ascension is on the rise;

hope is about to humanize.

Mortals who search for happiness,

won't find these portals in church.

Unless their obsession

for validation is solaced by the earth.

Needless to say, I think it does fit well with Venus In Aries, and I love how this piece makes me feel.

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