emit time

Ergo, to make time. TIME spelled backwards is EMIT. It's my personal motto for many years now. An admired teacher once told me: time is our greatest currency. So, Emit Time anchors how I roll. Oh how I do love to live fast, paint fast, work fast, etc. But I've learned that it's more valuable to LIVE SLOWER. Make as much time as you can, use those minutes with more sentiment, and put love into the time you manifest. Time is YOURS to spend.

As an ambidextrous artist, one of my first exercises I implemented in my process was painting/writing words simultaneously. Emit Time was an excellent focus to hone a concept and practice.

So despite the bullshit situations of 2020, I've re-routed my lifestyle to emphasis insignificant routines that make my soul feel truly cool. Prioritizing seemingly non-essential activities have a big impact on happiness. We are all busy as hell, but slow the fuck down. Time is a damn gift!

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