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enter & exit

It’s damn fascinating to reflect on your past work, compared to current. Thematically, the story continues — and stylistically, one evolves. Thrilled to be sending off this archived 20 x 30” canvas. Artists create countless pieces, but there’s always special ones, attached to your heart. This is one of them.

But on the note of journey, wow, it's just such a beautiful thing to watch growth. Espeically for yourself! All we have (really) is our souls. Throughout life, we enrich them. Recently, I've adopted the saying that "I'm dressing for my soul." Fashion, especially personal style, is for you. But not just for your external confidence, but your overall internal vibe. Obviously we don't take physical items with us as we travel through life and death, but our souls (I'd like to believe) absorb our surroundings.

“Enter & Exit (2016)” — an exploration of the transitions between birth and death.

Sold: "Enter & Exit (2016)" Acrylic on canvas, 20 x 30." New York City.


Below: Detail Images

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