florida studio siesta

You down with Reiki? You down with Rasta? You down with the Ritters? What a year 2020 was, but the start of 2021 has been ever so enlightening, grounding, and cherished. Luckily the start of this year brought me insight, a full vaccination, productive business sales, and a heart full of gratitude.

You are exactly where you need to be I heard this recently and it resonated perfectly with my current state of mind. Seems like we are always reaching and waiting for the next moment, instead of breathing in the now. I’m a fast paced, city gal, but with deep love for the slow beauty of time. Fortuna, the high priestess, is the goddess of fortune/luck, bad and good. Nonetheless, all luck is contributive to life. It’s how you see it. And how you handle it.

January - December 2020, I was 100% in quarantine in my NYC apartment, which of course I am incredible grateful for my safety and amenities. Plus, Velvet never ceases to amaze me as the most kick ass roommate. I was able to focus on mask donations and painting, nonetheless unbelievably isolating. Business was consistent but tough, as we all know. But of course, everyone was living out their hellscape of coronavirus, so no sob story here.

January - April 2021, I was fucking lucky to be able to spend magical months at my childhood cave of cool, aka my purple house with the peace sign. I grew up in a kitschy tourist town in Florida in a little cottage-like house, including natural garden space, an outdoor studio, and treehouse (with electricity.) Eccentric is an understatement, but honest is the vibe. We love our trees and bees. Oh how I missed my parents and sacred home, as I often have the luxury to fly and visit at my leisure. But coronavirus changed 2020, leaving me vaguely existential and stress-y. So being able to spend time away from NYC in my paradise bubble gave me such an incredible perspective on my artistry, business, and self.

My parents are hyper creative in a cornucopia of trades, but in the past years we have have had bad luck with health. My mom is physically hindered due to a car accident, and my dad works at home full time. But, we are very down with the simple things in life. So being able to spend time at home was an killer drug for all of our souls. Perhaps too much of a good thing can kill you, but cheers to pushing the limits with Lady Time.

Circled by our sun, my cats, and my two favorite people, breathing fresh air. Maybe I have a gypsy mind mixed with a beach bum heart, but I guess that goes with my authenticity of self. I'm an Aquarius - what do you expect? A rebel with many causes, but also a overtly diehard family warrior.

Either way, what an insane few months of painting freely, biking barefoot, running quietly, reading the unknown, cooking for more than just me, drinking with purpose, and smoking for the mind. Sounds like an epic vacation, right? I mean, yes, but also far from consistent reality. Karma is a bitch, but also a generous benefactor. It really depends on what you deserve. I like to believe I cashed in all my karma points for these months with my family.

Since January ‘21, I have focused on my tattooing skills, painted 20+ canvases, completed indoor/outdoor murals, and learned about true nature. Rich hours spent just sitting and listening to the sounds of birds and wind. Watching bugs crawl and helping snakes relocated to safer ground. Velvet explored swampy greens, leashed of course, and learned to respect our native lizards. Irreplaceable hours binge watching shows with Mom while laughing far too hard at nothing. Working out and shooting the shit with Dad (while burning through too many bottles of Jose Cuervo,) this time was immensely valued. Days fueled by classic rock and gangster jokes, nothing beats the simple things in life.

As I return to my daily life in NYC, I bring with my more peace than I thought I knew. More balance and positivity, strength and mental endurance. We all have our family problems, and most I’m not going to discuss on this platform. And why should you care anyway! But I learned (yet again) that the simple things in life are what we need to fulfill our souls. Not glitz, glamour, or fame. Social media can be a buzz kill, and at the end of the day, no one really cares what you do. Love yourself, your chosen people, and animals — just flow.

I found that I took less photos than normal & posted little to none in the past months. I was enjoying real life, not virtual. Get off your phone, get off with experience. It’s all a balance. Live hard, attribute time to archive with purpose, then live harder.