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Refurbished & Painted: Commissioned Leather Coach Bag

May 2024, her client provided a vintage Coach leather backpack to refurbish and paint. Originally the bag had heavy signs of wear and multiple dark stains. The purse was stripped, cleaned, and re-painted in full before the added artwork. Featuring The Flower People, the double-sided piece is intended to showcase the client and her two sisters. Warm beige and tan were used to re-color the bag in it's entirety with a focus on fresh green and gold accents. Inside the straps reads "A Kind Soul" and "A Cool Soul" in metallic gold. Signed on the back and finished with final aging touches of, implementing dry brush painting with browns and earth tones to add a polished yet vintage quality element.

Commissioned custom painted garments are a popular service at the studio. If you are interested in providing your own piece to be refurbished and painted, please submit an inquiry in the Commission Form.


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