lift up the light

You have one life; live it. It's the absolute most is that my new canvases have becomes rich talismans, pouring light into new homes and spaces. Surprisingly, the hellish insecurity of 2020 pulled me into a realm of my own. My color palette matured, and I'm painting exactly what's in my head and dreams. The landscapes and worlds embody the joy and chaos going down right now.

Horoscope Horizon (Lift Up The Light) is a 4x12" canvas piece created January 2021. As we move into the Age of Aquarius, I'm trying to step back and change how I interact with my personal timeline. There's far too much pressure and stress in our lives, and this painting helped me remember to lift up ourselves while bouncing energy amongst others. You can share your energies, but always hold your light high. It's too easy for others to deduce the cool from your vibe. Share the energies, protect your warm aura, and move forward to a more balanced self.