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'Gallery Groove' Evening at Storm Ritter Gallery II

July 20th, 2023, a special gallery event was held at Storm Ritter Gallery II at 38 Little West 12th Street in Meatpacking, NYC. In collaboration with TMJ Arts Collective, the gallery night included a live DJ spinning records and cocktails. Storm reset the space to showcase new work and accommodate accessible merchandise sales.

Two fine art pieces were added to the exhibition: "The Great Gig in The Sky," "Natural Mystic" and " "Hole in The Sky." Not only were new paintings added to the showroom, but this event featured vintage painted records displayed on the wall and in print racks. The records were sourced by the artist from Village Revival Records on Bleecker Street, NYC. Each piece was painted, varnished, and packaged for immediate sale. Also, Storm released a new merchandise shirt: the “A Kind Soul Is A Cool Soul”  tank top foreshadowing her 2024 collection.  

Event Video

Press Photos

New Fine Art & Merchandise at Storm Ritter Gallery II

Event Photos


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