that's just how it is

Developing a stronger vision and communicative process relies on my consistent research practices. Very important to take notice of synchronicity along the way. It's all about connecting the dots. Let's break down Sunday morning, shall we? A little journey of association! First things first: brewed coffee, open sketchbook, dress the cat, & on our way. 6AM call time.

Turned on the 1966 flick, The Trouble With Angels, starring Rosalind Russell and Haley Mills, specifically to watch the opening credits. I used to watch this movie as a kid and it always triggers my nostalgia for 1960/70s game shows -- specifically Match Game. Probably the music - dig that crazy organ.

Morning nostalgia calls for breakfast. Open the fridge to see what's on the menu for Sunday sun-up. We got dates and some old fruit -- serendipitous choice since Match Game is on my mind. Guess some kitchen sink bread is on the to-do.

The creative mojo is up now. Want to snack it up, but first, let's get some art rolling. Reminiscing with the illustrative credits, I note the cartoon of a spoofed showgirl juxtaposed with nuns. Love that kind of kitsch - very inspired with this. And also still thinking about 1960's into 1970's television. Games shows especially - gross how woman are spoken to, portrayed, and treated. I mean, Richard Dawson, in Family Feud?! Whole 'nother topic. But a strong and relevant jumping off point.

Anywho, two figures of The Cool People a la Trouble With Angels birthed. With their pill-like signs comical held up, I'm sparked to watch clips of Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In. That show embodies camp, politics, feminism, etc. What a time for women (I mean, when is it NOT a time) but we are talkin' a specific span of sexual revolution. Off on the races, we got an association train chugging along.

Before I pull up Goldie Hawn sketches, I searched for Match Game refreshers. Would ya look at Betty White in pink, and the set design in orange and blue. We got a color scheme, ladies and gents! Next, I look for a musical scene from Laugh-In, and WHAT DO YOU KNOW -- the same color palette. Cool coincidence. The song "The Sexy Sixties" embodies all the questionable, feminist themes I'm tossing around with the Trouble With Angel's showgirl prompt. Investigating here - all a process. Comedy goes a LONG WAY in appropriately handling political and social topics.

Combining the shapes & color palette influences = a new design! The quote, " might say the pill changed the shape of the sixties" struck me hard! I started off thinking just about color, but then symbolic meanings hit quickly.

Found a number called "Four Happy Pills," which helped carried the allusions into the art. Dolls-mimicking-pills; all bougie content. I made a few paintings in the past merging The Valley Of The Dolls and Valium pills, so this continues to evolve my style. I am jazzed about the new art - all pieces are essential to my process archival. The two paintings available for purchase are entitled "That's Just How It Is" and "Three Happy Pills." Feeling a new series coming on...

Oh and in case you were wondering what happened to my date-based breakfast? Here's the ever-so important incorporation of the impromptu bake.

When I am in studio mode, I can't stop making cool shit! The final result of my breakfast was incredibly satisfying as it was similar to a poundcake meets spiced fruit cake. Painting and baking/cooking go hand in hand -- you never stop thinking like an artist: a blessing and a curse. And also grateful that at least the "homemaker" stereotype today has evolved (I hope) because EVERYONE should fucking know how to use their kitchen.

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