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octangular october

Nothing much to report for this month except diligent work towards a bigger endgame. I associate colors with numbers and periodical concepts. October always appeared as the number 8 for me, which in turns is colored a dark green. I know October is the 10th month in the year, but October is just not the color blue. There's a charm for the number 8 for me in this month, giving me all the october octangular oooogie boogies. Eight is number for flow and balance, or moreover the journey towards that. Eight is a sign for money coming. So I always see October as a pivotal time of transition and change. Often a month that doesn't provide fruits of labor, but stirs the spices for coming success.

This is complete nonsense to you most likely, thus let's just move along., here's a drop of photos ranging from bread-bakes and late-night-take-out to painting process and new tattoos. Grateful for the work received this month and kind clients. This is a solid month of evolution. Taking time to breathe a bit. I have a feeling November is about switch up the game. Times are (and better be) a'changin'. Weird month though; usually a spooky vibe, but let's be honest: it's a spooky year.

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