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october begins

Ah, the month so many wait for! But alas, we are headed into a time of holidays & fall events. Not to be a debbie downer (wah-wahhh) but Coronavirus is out there lurking. Don't be blasé to the whole matter! But you know, you do you. However, I do have justifiable social anxiety when it comes to restaurants and outings in the city. As a self-employed business owner, I got to stay on my toes!

This painting is called Social Anxiety, embodying my current October festive, yet uncertain vibes. It's actually not as stressful as the title sounds with it's gorgeous gold-pink-orange palette & divine people. You can purchase the original, here.

Orange is the dubbed color of the month. I'm starting a small color study in my sketchbook -- just the beginning. I did take a beautiful stroll down to the West 4th Ace Hardware this past week and replenished my paints. Nothing brings more joy to an artist than paint restocking, except you know, paying that bill.

Of course, you can't have Halloween without cats. A witch's essential! The Cool Cats are back with a new series this month. More canvases and other garments fresh out of studio. Thanks Velvet for the attitude modeling. You can purchase this painting, here, or place a special order.

And you can't have a good start to a new season without a record restock and fresh bakes. Wrapped up September with a visit to Village Revival Records on Bleecker Street and ended up with a bundle of new vinyls, including a coveted Laugh-In LP. I scored one of their small-run tees, which of course I ended up distressing and dying. Got me in a mooooood. Still shipping out masks like crazy and repping The Cool People on the regular. Other than that, we have some new record bowls fresh out of the oven with chipped vinyls & a new recipe for homemade avocado-pumpkin-banana-oat bread. I think this month is going to a hell of a circus.


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