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on the horizon

I don't remember the last time I've thought, I'm bored. Often, I hear others say that, and I'm both envious and grateful. My new mantra is that everyday is the best day. And that's fucking cool. Even though there are some straight up shitty days; it's just another day I get to exist in my reality. Time is the most valuable currency, and this morning I'm rich.

It's comforting to think that your worst day could be somebody's best day ever. Weird how that works. I've been thinking about the concept of the horizon. Most times we look at the horizon and wish to see our beyond or what comes next. But try to mentally stand ON the horizon, as though you are literally that. It's all perspective, man, and that's where it's at. Today is the best day, and I'm on my own horizon, like right now.

Nobody cares and everyone cares. So, choose how you care about your own position in life. And together we all live out our day with the upmost positivity. Today is a mystery; so is tomorrow and next. But right now, I know I am on the horizon.

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