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one foot in past, one foot in present

Months back I knew I wanted to make this video, and thanks to the incredible talents of Rude In Blaq, my plan came to fruition. Song, "Queen of Cool" by my friend, Strange Majik, and cameo by studio cat Velvet. Could not have come out better! And the words came from the heart - writing is a wonderful facet of my process.

We become what we repeatedly do.

I’m Storm Ritter –– everything I do, is my art.

And as the conductor of my own life,

each day is opening night.

One foot in the past,

one foot in the present,

Nostalgia rules my heart;

Passion rules the mind;

But above all, I’m all about being kind.

Years back in school,

I felt like I only had set tools.

So, I used my head, emitted time,

and started painting, both hands aligned.

And ooh, that became the vibe!

Painting organically,

the unconscious and conscious came alive;

people birthed in tandem time.

No doubt these silhouettes carry a soul,

and viewers repeatedly called them cool.

They’re you, they’re me –– they’re who you want them to be.

The Realm of the Cool People:

an esoteric world,

not out of our reach.

And damn, they have a lot to teach.

Ascension is on rise, baby!

Hope is about to humanize.

Mere mortals who search for happiness,

won’t find those portals online.

Remember our souls are already fucking divine.

Problems are an illusion of the mind.

And to be honest,

we are all running out of time.

So spin that record;

feed your brain.

It’s not insane to switch the game.

Enlightenment by personal rebellion

doesn't always birth a felon.

Learning keeps your thoughts profound.

So, demolish the walls that keep you confound.

I have an appetite for light,

that burns with an indulgent delight!

No matter what I do,

I do it true.

Left brain runs the biz.

Right brain, that’s the whiz.

Don’t silence your voice

to cater to the Man.

Everything we do

is in our own hands.

Find personal style –– a symbol of self-reliance.

It’s not a science!

Just another act of savvy defiance.

Getting stuck in mental purgatory,

that’s the never-ending story.

...a completely twisted allegory.

Dare to determine your own worth

until you physically leave this earth.

And all I can say,

is keep your heart and soul at bay.

There’s no chance

you’ll lose your way.

Let past moments flicker,

and the real gifts will linger.

So, dream in royal purple,

because life is not a dress rehearsal.


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