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one life to live

I'm always thinking about a timeline. As years fly, I wonder why I spend so much time strategizing when life rarely plays out as planned. I don't have to please anyone, but myself. Obviously we all have bills and deadlines, bosses of all forms, and daily responsibilities coming from all angles, but at the end of the day, IT'S MY DAY! I've lost so many people in my short 28 years on this earth, and baffles me that I continue to blow matters out of proportions. What a luxury to live this day on earth, and all problems can be handled. I'm reminded how privileged I am, even if someone else has far more than I.

Do what you want (and get away with it.) Although rebelliously aggressive, this motto rocks. Coming from a purely simple viewpoint, I'm learning to live my moments for my soul. Doesn't mean I'm selfish, as doing things with and for others turns my soul into a little smilie face. Confidence is an attitude as much as a personality trait.

Recently spending time evolving my spiritual work with paint. The solace of falling into fabricated worlds, crafted by my own accord, is pure therapy. The Cool People in my head come to life, bringing self-realization that sometimes I'm a fucking nut, but I really love when I see a my own soulful divinity come alive before my eyes.

Just today's thoughts.

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