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cool runs in november

I love a runner's high just as much as a stoner's high. Past month has been fueled by running (also weed, but mainly running.) I wake up around 6am and go for my 3-5 mile saunter by the Hudson or Village neighborhoods, almost every day. This time gives me intense focus, inner monologue reflection, and badassery energy. With that spiritual (no joke) start to my day, I get right into studio work and e-com by 8:30/9am. And no surprise, it's been all about The Cool People. Not intentionally; I am honestly just letting the unconscious take the thematic lead while my conscious applies my knowledge for color theory and divine balance.

Recently watched Queen's Gambit on Netflix (first, wow, so refreshing!!) And If you've seen it, you'll get this reference. You know how Beth Harmon stares at the ceiling and plays chess? Totally vibe with that as I often enter the spaces in my paintings, moving around seeing where things head to. Kind of like how Burt jumps into his chalk drawings in Mary Poppins. (That was a jump, eh?) Anyway, I'm in painting mania and honestly can't think about anything else.

November so far has been action packed with custom orders, new canvas series, and planning/prepping for new projects in the winter. 2021 may be the year we start drinking the kool-aid again -- finger's crossed. Here's some causal pics from this month thus far.


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