nyc studio of 2019

After I closed the shop, there was so many pieces to pick up! Took a while, but got situated at my home studio and started to unwind from running a retail storefront, 7-days a week! Being an artist and a business bo$$ lady combined is quite the journey of ups and downs. And in true, when it rains it pours fashion, I was home in Florida for the middle of year due to a family emergency. Spent a few months with my parents, then back to NYC at the end of the summer.

Nonetheless, during this year, I provided another round of costumes for Mean Girls on Broadway, build two large e-commerce websites for creative clients, designed a private collection of 40+ painted leather jackets for a street style brand, and worked a handful of styling gigs for musicians. Oh and of course painted countless canvas and custom clothing for customers.. All while simultaneously figuring out how to turn my storage unit of chaotic things into a working home studio on smaller scale. Still held private shopping appointments and painting session with clients (& cool kids) until the pandemic. So, here we are. I had many different gameplana to re-open a studio-store, but in these times, may not be the right path to go down.

So, here's a collection of miscellaneous nyc studio photos during 2019. And cheers to a continued-healthy 2020 and hopefully peace of mind for many. Especially Velvet, as she's been a tough cookie through the madness of the past two yowza, yowza years.