self education saturday

Been on hyper speed recently, so spent this past Saturday feeding my brain. Taking time to tie up loose ends and do some "self-care." And, I am not talking about a bath and candles, but dedicating time to fuel your soul. You know, bake something delicious, spend time with your pets, do laundry with love, and of course, learn about NEW bands/musicians. Fresh music for me is usually old, as I'm into educating myself in a historical manner. If I follow the synchronicities I've noticed in my week, I discover new things quickly. Keeps me on my toes. And if you don't know what "seeing synchronicities" means, here's what Google provides:

Synchronicity is a term that is frequently used to represent the process of experiences coming together and forming some sort of meaning. Synchronistic occurrences are formidable and propel us forward with a surge of ephemeral courage.

If you really absorb your surroundings and little details of your days, it leads you to new places! Vibe of the weekend started off with The Monkees then rolled right into the Traveling Wilburys. Whatever you listen to really does soundtrack your day and curate your energy.

After an afternoon glass of tequila, grapefruit and cayenne, I headed over to Revival Records on Bleecker Street to find a new Roy Orbison album. Spend a few hours there, thanks to the owner, Jamal, walked out with a nice little stack. And also discovered a new band to add to my repertoire: The Blue Magoos. After I got home, pulled up their music, and of course hooked. I love Herman's Hermits, so this fit the bill for me.

What's key about this off-day is that I sparked some synchronicities for my week. Also scored a new Deep Purple album, Burn, that has inspiring cover art for Sunday's painting sesh. Taking a little time to just re-invent the things you love is the most valuable thing in the world!

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