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servant of swords

Color reigns king in my process. Motifs and symbolism with color play a large role in composition and details. Recently spending so much time wandering the city (aka, a romanticized way of saying I'm running a LOT of errands) but noticing the green hues recently. Natural or concrete, there's something about that color thats fueling my fire this week.

The last two pieces I've finished created a sensation of envy and longing. The green/yellow tones bring forth nature and otherworldly atmospheres. The series I've been working on is purely created from my unconscious, and attaching tarot/esoteric titles makes their stories relatable and understandable to my audience. The small paintings were named Seven and Three of Swords, showcasing the hardships of moving through trials. I think it's fitting for me now as I'm transitioning into a new era of studio art. Digging the ride.


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