sitting duck

Do you ever feel like you're a blatant sitting duck? Life seems to be out of our control. What is in our power is our minds and how we use them. There's a constant passing of ideas and thoughts in our brains, affecting our decisions, ergo affecting our lives. Maybe we do have control of our lives, but only in passing. Either way, we all are just sitting ducks until we make a move to change.

The definition of a sitting duck is

  1. a person or thing with no protection against an attack or other source of danger.

And the funny part, note that the mysterious, caricature duck (almost like a rubber ducky - note that orange beak in middle left) didn't reveal itself until I began to varnish the piece. Ergo, the titling. This painting was created with a flow of the unconscious. No huge plan, just listening to call of color and balance. As I got deeper into the work, I personally was feeling a lack of control, literally about everything tangible. Almost an outer-body vibe, ya feel? I think that comes in waves for everyone, especially these days. So I let the canvas take control and perhaps give me a reading on myself. And honestly, I believe this piece is more telling than expected.


I did watch the 1934 Betty Boop version of Cinderella in the morning beforehand -- actually Velvet watched it as I cleaned, but it was on and the color scheme had a huge affect on my day's perspective. Maybe the melancholy tropes or the feminist discourse supplemented my mood, or it just put me in a state of Bosch whimsy. Added that video clip at the bottom here so you can catch the vibe. It's probably a non sequitur to this painting, but hey, cheers for rehashing a process.

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