Snakes are fascinating animals. I've always been a fan of the Irwin family, growing up watching Steve on TV handle mythical creatures with such skill. The lack of fear (or endowment of trust) he had while addressing dangerous reptiles inspired me to change my perspective on seemingly undesirable beings. And perhaps that goes for humans too. There are a plethora of human snakes I can name off the top of my head, but I've learn I must handle them like Steve Irwin exactly would a snake.

As one does, the unconscious rules the painting. Whatever is my obsession or headliner streaming in my mind, underpins the artwork. In this case I was dealing with a personal demon (or should we say, snake.) Basically someone was really pissing (or hissing) me off. But the only way to address something mysteriously poisonous is to connect the mind, trust at distance, and perhaps think as they would. Come at a problem from behind with caution, but still treat the situation with unassuming kindness.

The Cool People in my mind's eye are constantly bumping heads, secretly passing notes and changing directions. Hard to always stay consistent in thought when there is such a powerful force of personas influencing an action. The snake eye (daresay) dead center of the painting is the heart of this for me. Painting is like a tarot card reading; and, I believe the slithers of the snake, the melts of the self, and the passing of the light, all cohere together in the painting, Slithers, to remind me of one's humility and ego.

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