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Start of September

What a busy past week with so much success! Been hustling at home and around the city, making things happen! Luckily with a little help from new and old friends, good things ahead.

Weeks events included styling pulls for an upcoming tv show, personal shopping appointments, a studio photoshoot, and plans for an October gallery show in Meatpacking. Needless to say, I'm jazzed up with energy but also in need of a recharge.

It's now labor day weekend, but for me that means more painting and focus time. Been so grateful recently to work as much as I do and positive that this month will bloom gorgeous results. Today I was able to have a past client over for personal shopping, and that was so refreshing!

So now the rest of the long weekend will be filled with reflection and renewal. Working on finishing a canvas series and starting a complimentary one for upcoming shows. And of course some clothing paintings. It's been nice to reflect upon past work, specifically The Cool People, to see how I can implement stronger storytelling.


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