she doesn't take shit!

I am not your stepping stone! Speak your mind, and don't let anyone trample on your voice. Kamala Harris is strong as hell. What a powerhouse female force backed with intelligence and credentials. Kamala is SPEAKING! The VP debate empowered me (and I hope you,) while revealing that Pence is in fact Norman Bates. VOTE VOTE VOTE!

This is the kind of person I want to be led by. Someone qualified and diplomatic to make hard decisions. Time for a women to take a deserving role in presidency with Biden. Ladies get it done. Boss bitch energy is what our young women need to be influenced by. Accomplished and confident. Yes! As a female artist and entrepreneur, I can not tell you how many extra hurdles I have to jump to get front of line. Seriously, NO MATTER WHAT FIELD, women have to work harder, always. Period.

2020 has empowered me to speak louder than before. Time is fleeting. And this year is giving us some hellish fury. So, here's Rosalind Russell in a ridiculously cool outfit teaching us that woman can have a lot of Mars and be fucking fierce. Even to Cary Grant.

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