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tarot, Palmistry, + esoteric

"People are strange is when you're a stranger."

Years ago, I discovered a truly unique soul, Came across his name and dropped him a line, not for a reading, but for a question. Surprisingly, he invited me over to his beautiful house on Mulberry Street for tea. Since then, Frank Andrews has been a dear friend, astounding teacher, and personal mentor. Far away from a stranger.

During my final college years, I would visit him weekly and he would provide me with lesson in esoteric symbolism, tarot cards, and palmistry, purely out of friendship. Essentially, these hours became an other-worldly experience. Frankie is the man; what a wild life he leads. Even now, if we go out to grab food around Little Italy, he's a local celebrity. From Andy Warhol and John Lennon to royalty and modern celebrities, Frank is the psychic of the scene. No schtick, just authenticity, Frank gifted me heirloom tarot and palmistry books, and needless to say, are deeply utilized and treasured.

As Frank says, "Pretending to be a normal person day after day is exhausting."

In studying tarot, I filled up a sketchbook with meanings, illustrations, poems, and associations, These images below are same process pieces in my esoteric education.

What's going on in your head intellectually trickles out in all aspects of life. The more I became akin to the world of the esoteric, the subject matter of my work gained deeper meaning.

Growing my abilities in illustrative story-telling, the knowledge I've accumulated renovated my unconscious. The more I organically flow and paint, the more it seems to translate with paint and paper.

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