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This body of work was primarily created in 2022 at her home studio in the West Village. Ranging from tapestries and canvas, to wood pieces and leather jackets, the storytelling collection captures a sense of an old world traveling circus, visualized by travel gypsy. The final exhibition was focused on the eccentricities of her lifestyle and spiritual growth with The Cool People. The first exhibition of the work included designer jewelry and limited eidtion art prints of the collection.

With the glorified energy of an esoteric circus, The Cool People divinely invite the viewer into a spiritual showcase of their own accord. This tapestry was featured in the solo show, "Cirque of The Cool People" opened, September 29th in Meatpacking, NYC at 807 Washington Street. The Cirque 8'8" x 5'6" House paint, acrylic, leather paint, oil on loose canvas drop cloth


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