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the cool cats

The Cool Cats are a motif that spawn from The Cool People. They are just as alive in my head as the people. Their mysterious auras in the paintings connect with many other feline lovers. I've very much enjoyed developing their images in my work, as well as creating commissioned-based pieces inspired by my client's loved animals companions.

Venus, Orbit, Thunder, Jupiter, Luna, Lavender, Indigo, and Velvet. These eight cats have and had a massive impact on my life since 1993. Artists should have a confidant by their side, as we spend endless hours alone in our process. Velvet is my studio cat and best friend for the past six years, and she's a part of my soul. Growing up, my cats were/are my siblings, and they taught me how to have a soulful connection with animals of all forms.

Recently, my family lost my feline brother, Thunder James. It was his time to pass on, and I was lucky to be home with my parents during his ceremony. This past year has been so overwhelming and filled with loss for so many. Not only have I lost close friends to COVID-19, but dealt with tragic personal changes. But ever so lucky to have my health and strength to continue moving forward.

Our animals family members are so essential and cherished. When I paint The Cool Cats, they carry the emotion and love rooted from the felines in my life. And I know my clients can relate so very much.

In memory:

THUNDER JAMES 18 years of love.

Adopted as a wee babe, we dressed his little ears in blue bows.

Spent years venturing outside, always back home by calling his name. He returned gifts of snakes, birds and lizards.

Fought a coyote, lost his back leg. Three-legged bad ass, nothing held him back.

Climbed the highest tree on New Year’s Eve. We slept underneath until firefighters came (twice) to rescue him.

Always ate, just enough to suffice. Maintained his GQ model physique with scratching post pull-ups and hearty sprints.

King of his pride throughout the years: Venus, Orbit, Jupiter, Luna, Lavender, Indigo. And mentor to his godchild, Velvet.

Known as The Zen Master, his diplomacy and empathy, unparalleled.

My confidant and sweet lover boy. Thunder is my true brother. We love him madly forever.

When his soul floated away, he‘s was off on his next adventure. We will always miss him.

Thunder moved on to his next life March 29th in our arms at 2:30pm.


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