the pot people

No surprise I am lover of mother nature's grass, but there is something truly authentic about the process of it's various effects. There's something rather cool about being respectful and open-minded in regards to pot. I can only dictate my own story, so it's my interpretation. As someone who has privilege in various categories, I can speculate more comfortably, but I am not taking it lightly. A commonplace for weed in NY, but still not legalized, weed is a strong solution for countless physical and mental health issues. And there are hundreds of thousands of innocent people in federal prison for marijuana-related charges. Changing the negative stigmas and cultural/racial associations with marijuana is a huge step in dismantling the patriarchy, which you know, is a very cool thing to do. The Pot People concept is a spin on a cannabis sativa leaf. A new design from July 2020, you'll see this again I'm sure.

Pot does NOT just make you cool. But pot can teach you how to evolve, which is damn cool thing to do. My parents raised me with hippie values, daresay, so smoking weed was about connecting with yourself and with the earth. Using it responsibly, it can be grounding, humbling, and enlightening. My father has a deep passion for Rastafarian traditions, and that influence has taught me nothing but positivity. Weed also treats pain and anxiety, which topples alcohol use any ole day. As its said, isolate a few stoners with one joint in a room and a few alcoholics with one glass of liquor in a room, just see what happens.

The Cool People are my people. My internal team of truth-tellers and. story tellers. I don't doubt that a good percentage of my cool people are most obviously pot people. Without their insight, I don't think I would be able to see a situation from so many perspectives. Or have the vast empathy in times that don't ask for it.

Say what you like about stoners, but there are many different kinds. Hey, no shame in a pothead. For me, it's about connecting the body naturally. You know, mint leaves refreshing to the palette, benefiting oral health. Marijuana leaves refresh the mind, benefitting mental and physical health. It's all gardening. That aside, people who use pot to elevate their souls are doing right for themselves. Self care and self-love is hot hot hot. People who care for pot and grow by it's beneficial properties are cool. Simple as that. It it doesn't suit you, it doesn't make you un-cool. It's cool to care for yourself and others. It's cool to appreciate the gifts of the earth. It's cool to unify with people or take a moment to unify with yourself. It's cool to change.


This painting below entitled, Fortuna, the HIGH priestess, purely depicts my thoughts on inward enlightenment rooted from pot. Alleviation of anxiety--smoking weed gave me the opportunity to grow mentally. Blindness is wisdom. You don't have to physically see reality to understand. Spend time with yourself and look within to discover your own truths. Thankful for the time I've spent with Mary Jane, which enriched my clarity in my point of view.

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