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August Reflection

Where the hell did the time go this year. We are now in the middle of August and change is a'brewing. Feel like I always say that change is on the horizon, but I really feel it now. Perhaps it's all the recent drama in my life or just the overwhelming and endless stress of Covid. But, there's something to be said for mental health. Right now, trying to hone in all the energy that I exude.

There's business Storm, artist Storm, and human Storm -- these three pillars in my persona usually balance out to keep be ridiculously production and happy. But recently, there's a lack of human Storm, with an emphasis on business Storm. Does this make sense? Just a little reflection to look back on later in life. This August 2021 has been a tough one so far; hope when I'm reading this in December 2021, I'll have a strong chuckle.

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