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Press Feature in Up Magazine on "Cirque of The Cool People"

After the opening of the artist's third solo show, "Cirque of The Cool People" in October 2022, Up Magazine released a feature on the exhibition. An interview was held at the new, Storm Ritter Gallery, with writer Alina Perez discussing her background and work with retail/gallery storefronts. Read the full article, here.

At first glance, you would think Storm just stepped off a movie set in the 1960s. Long wavy hair, amber colored glasses, silver rings, silk scarves and bell bottom pants. But don’t be fooled by her cool, laid-back, artsy vibe. Storm is a forced to be reckoned with. She radiates every quality a modern-day businesswoman aspires to be.  The multi-hyphenate is an artist, a business owner, an entrepreneur, and a self-described “bad ass bitch.” In a world often dominated by men, Storm has cleared a path for herself through hard work, determination, and imagination.  “Storm Ritter Inc. is a business, it’s a brand, it’s a designer, it’s an artist, it’s all of those elements” she explained. “But it is my real name.”


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