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blood on the moon

Where's my tiger's eye?! If you haven't seen the flick, Practical Magic, then you don't know what I'm referencing, but all the same, it still translates. The concept of a blood moon simply means that our moon is in a total lunar eclipse, There's a plethora of superstitions and beliefs that it can signify a massive change in times--for better or worse. It could be warning or a sign of re-routing your path or it could just be an astrological change in color. Either way, it meant something to the witches in Practical Magic and it stirs something in me visually and emotionally. The red/brownish circle triggers so many references to me, especially red halos behind religious or powerful figures. Moody, yes? Also makes me feel like having Bono serenade Sunday Bloody Sunday to me, but that's just soundtracking this post.

What what does this all have to do with fashion specifically? Well, if your not living a physical journey, why don't you represent one? This jacket featured is entitled "Blood On The Moon" for many reasons. I am on a creative journey to open my mind to realities not my own and find the authenticity in my world. Politically right now, it's beyond not good. We have to fight the powers that be! As Bono says, "and it's true we are immune, when fact is fiction and TV, reality!" That's it! There's some damn blood on the moon these days. Time for a intellectual journey towards changing our own minds.

Before I was inspired to create the Blood On The Moon inspired design, I was commissioned to do a custom jean jacket with an interpretation of the 1958 Salvador Dali painting, Meditative Rose.” There is a hovering flower in the whitish-blue sky with a few people below, gazing at it with intrigue. We are all searching for divine beauty and answers; it comes from how you choose to take your journey. After finishing this garment, I continued to reference a similar color palette and composition to extend that story for my audience. It feels classic and relatable. Also the red struck me as a political statement. Right now we have a strong red presence dominating in a sea of blue. Maybe the blood on the moon is more relevant right now than ever.

And, in true investigative fashion, the more you repeat and change up a design, the more meaning it will exude. The journey towards the red moon has become a consistent design in my garment, canvas, and sketchbook work. It's worth noting in this post because I am sure I'll look back on it in a years time and maybe learn a little about myself or this topic I'm digging into. Learning is the only way to open our mind's eye to bigger truths that don't come from our own realities! The garments with these concepts highlight something humanly familiar and I think wearing art that means something is fucking cool.

The Blood On The Moon design translated gorgeously on the body and in photographs. Here's a few more shots of the OG Blood On the Moon jacket shot on my roof in the Village. You can shop this jacket and other products like it, here, and as always, a special order is just a message away.

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