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"Solar Symphony" Design & NFT: #MakeUsVisible NYC Art Show

March 2022, Pollinate asked the artist to join the augmented reality NFT exhibition #MakeUsVisible downtown Manhattan. Based on her reoccurring design called, Solar Symphony, Storm worked with a digital designer in combining her paintings into a virtual moving sculpture. The piece was viewable on an iPhone pinned on Google Maps at a specific location in the West Village and minted online for sale. The art series' mission was to "help audiences envision cityscapes that monumentalize the contributions of individuals who represent a diverse group of voices."

"Solar Symphony" Virtual Sculpture NFT


The original paintings for the front and back of the sculpture were the taken from detail images from the "Age of The Cool People" 60-foot building mural. With The Cool People intertwined with the face of the sun on the front and the head with a star on the back.


Merchandise & Fine Art

The popularity of the design inspired a merchandise t-shirt and art print, followed by a brass artisan pendant and a supplementary canvas, "The Sun (XIX)" all in her "Cirque of The Cool People" solo show collection of 2023.


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