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Donation from the Heart: Art Teacher Memorial Plaque, Painting, & Presentation

"There are no mistakes in art, only happy accidents." Mrs. Weezie Kempf was Storm Ritter's elementary school art teacher, and she sadly passed away in 2023. In appreciation for her teacher, she ensured that a memorial piece was created for the school. It was her privilege to order a bronze handmade plaque with funds of her own and with a fundraiser silent auction at Storm Ritter Gallery. She also gifted a framed painting of The Cool People and a monetary gift for a student to be awarded with the new Weezie Kempf Art Award.

At 807 Washington Street on February 4th, Storm held a silent auction of fine art and merchandise. The piece "Ace of Pentacles" was auctioned off with the proceeds used to fund the bronze plaque and contribute to the new Weezie Kempf Award for an 8th grade art student.

Storm delivered the donations to the school and spoke at an assembly of students, teachers, and Mrs. Kempf's family in appreciation and memory of her beloved art teacher. She discussed the importance of teachers and the powerful impact of creative people in young lives. Mrs. Kempf gave Storm the gift of confidence, immortalizing the idea that there are never mistakes, only happy accidents. As a business owner and full-time artist, Storm prioritizes giving back to her community, and this was a melancholic moment that will always be remembered. The artist toured the school and connected with teachers and students, bringing appreciation for the arts.


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