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emotions on your sleeve

If you haven't caught my vibe already, I love clothing with a story. This jacket was the one of the first pieces where I created a "painted patch" look. And the painted jeans - oh just rad as ever. But, this is about the jacket. It's organized chaos at it's finest, and it's a fucking blast. Starting out as a basic vintage barn jacket --100% cotton with a lightweight denim feel--this jacket came together pure on whim and emotions. Whatever was in my mind that day, that's what went on the jacket. No rules, just a reflection of my mind's eye. From BLM to marijuana, the jacket developed opinions. But also lighthearted and whimsical, like the bird pockets on the front. That was purely inspired by a growing family of Canadian geese along the Hudson River in June. Their strut and overall existence was too cool and since the pandemic has been such a rollercoaster of feels -- they just got to me! So essentially I was created a jacket showcasing personal emotions on my sleeve, literally. The outpour started a trend stylistically in how I worked and how I envisioned future garments, canvases, and sketchbook pages. Clothing is about you - doesn't have to be inspired by you, but it does feel good to wear something that represents how you feel and see the world. It's important to have pride in that. You can shop jackets like this, here, and as always, a special order is just a message away.

You can totally shop these jeans or special order!

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