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eye of the beholder

Get's your mind's eye ready, because here's a little trip. Cohesive artwork seems to be created in domino effect. You make one thing and learn something new; the next thing you know, you started a vibrant train of work! About five years ago, I started reading esoteric literature like Consolidation of Philosophy and Dante's Inferno, which completely through me into a Bosch-like world of surreal comparisons and absurd visuals. The concept of eye of the beholder turned into a hot phrase for me and was used countless time to theme paintings and writings. Most recently, I've been painting a specific eye with greenish blue hues that holds symbolism for me. The jackets and artwork below are pieces that all embody the vibe.

This jacket in particular completely rocks, as it's entitled Ascension of Eye of the Beholder. You can shop the jacket and other products like it, here, and special orders for art or apparel in this style is just a message away.

Like I said, once I dig something, nothing is holding me back from repeating it on other things, making it come full circle! Note the jeans, kicks, and similar jackets showcasing the same eye.

But before this signifying eye, there was development from the canvas painting of Eye of the Beholder which was also a textile/apparel line at Storm Ritter Studio. Still have a few pieces left from the collection available to purchase, but otherwise, its a wonderful stepping stone in my portfolio work. The original painting featured a sullen face with an eye appearing as though it was a peephole into the far distance. A place? A person? That's what you must behold.

Molder you perception; it's not your fault you have brilliant intentions. Beauty is said to be found in the eye of the beholder. So, the definition of beauty is incongruent and ever-changing! Perhaps you assume beauty as one thing, and see it as such because of a presumptuous nature. Yet, beauty is undefinable on a large scale, only definable by your own perspective.

The original painting on canvas spiraled into a series of t-shirts and hand painted garments. Also spent a solid amount of time investigating the meaning of the phrase future and connecting it to tarot cards and esoteric interpretations.

Eye of the beholder,

molder your perception.

Its not your fault you have brilliant intensions.

Ascension is on the rise;

hope is about to harmonize.

Mortals who search for happiness,

won't find their portals in church.

Unless their obsession

for validation is solaced by the earth.

Wish for rebirth

or the peacock's immortal mirth.

Dream in royal purple,

because now,

life is not a dress rehearsal.

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