moon river

Watching the opening credits of any Technicolor flicks seems to spike inspiration station. I recently put on Charade, one of my top picks for a Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant (gush.) combo, The opening credits for this Hitchcock gem got me all hot for shapes and lines. This led me to pull up the theme song for the 1966 flick, The Swinger with Ann-Margret to bask in the angular, dada shapes of the set. Later on, Moon River, popped on my Spotify during my daily saunter run, bringing me back to a melancholy, dark Audrey Hepburn. Now this domino-effect spiral perhaps seems non-relational, but these three references led me to create this ridiculously cool skirt. And that's my story -- it's all about the process. Peep the three videos at the bottom of this post to get a taste. And of course, you can shop this one-of-a-kind skirt/art piece, here, or place a special order, any ole day.

And of course, art is never done without a sketchbook accompaniment. The stairway design is reminiscent of many a'thing, but does anyone remember "The Caste In The Air" scene from The Phantom Tollbooth? Hands? Ok, well google that and you'll get on my page. Ominous, episodic, and cyclical, I'm pretty sure this visual work will resurface in future paintings of mine.

So, fast forward about 1:10 into the opening number, you get BLASTED with Henry Mancini setting the tone. And, you CAN'T go wrong when Mancini comes to town. But the trippy, psychedelic Hitchcockian vibes slap you in the face and take you literally into the Charade. I remember first watching this on TCM at 3am when I was like maybe seven? Still remember thinking those spiraling lines were seriously moving.

Okay, this is a real zinger - love the lighting and transitions, plus Ann-Margret is the ultimate movie star icon! Ever see her in Tommy? Highly advise "Go To The Mirror!" song/scene where she's just an absolute nutcase. QUEEN! But the entire vibe of this song is pure fun. The abstract visuals makes you just wanna get up to shake and hop like Ann.

And here it is, the iconic song guaranteed to make your feel emotions you haven't felt in years for absolutely no reason. A moment where Audrey's singing voice sounds decent and (as always) is a brilliant movie star. There is something so dark about this, and I feel. translates into design, I mean, at least to me.

Pulled a painted blouse and loose canvas drop that compliment this overall storyline.

Imagine all of these concepts in room - totally cohesive. Thought I'd add these pieces here, to you know, bring this to a visual full circle. The loose canvas is available for purchase, and the shirt is held in my personal collection for styling pulls. Shoot me a message if you are itching for a new garment or art piece created just for you!

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