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new dimension of cool

The Cool People have been an evolutionary motif in my artwork for seven years now. In the past year, I have entered a new dimension of their world -- especially with color and texture. The ambiguous forms come from my spiritual and physical experiences, but recently their environments on canvas have been peeling away. I prefer a monochromatic, story-telling style when I ambidextrously paint them, but when there is radiant magic, it's apparent. I have slowed down their process to uncover more about their mystery. You know when you see something divine -- it just hits your heart.

And it's not just from their forms, which have began to express new life. But from the canvas they live upon. I am passionate about ephemera and artifacts. I prefer to work on loose canvas and build up a prop, daresay. Creating a small piece of value beyond paint and surface; comparable to something of archeological substance. The Cool People need to live in space that's not contrived, as they are born from a marriage of the unconscious and conscious. This piece below, Fire, Water, Air has a literal soul and story. Sometimes art just captures power and energy.

The spirituality of The Cool People can run dark, and often fall into a place of purgatory or madness. Well, people experience all emotions, right? I feel they reflect human nature on all aspects. These loose canvas pieces embody spirit and soul. I call them tapestries, even if they are 8x10". You can simply tact it on the wall if you chose not to frame them. They are talismans of luck. The two pieces here are entitled, Divination and ONE.

The focus on the textural environment houses energy with greater stability. More on this to come.

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