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Service Award at Girl Scouts of Greater New York Annual Gala

April 2023, Storm attended the Girls Scouts of Greater New York Awards Gala where she was honored with a Service Award for her arts volunteer work from 2020 onward. After leading multiple creative workshops in downtown Manhattan and through virtual Zoom sessions, Storm continued her association with GSGNY into 2024 with speaking events and donations. As an artist and business owner, it is crucial to positively give back to future young entrepreneurs and creatives.

Alongside the influential women of the organization, the event was filled with inspiring stories and powerful forces. Storm's mission is to provides creative mentorship for young people to be who are and to go after what they want to do. Although she was not a Girl Scout as a child, working with G2GNY is a ideal place for Storm's influence. Empowering young females, especially in the arts, is a large facet of the studio's foundation.


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