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Interior Design Canvases of 'The Cool People' in Palm Springs, California

April 2023, Storm was commissioned by two collectors in California. They were in process of having a sliding double door built and wanted it to be made solely of canvas. The door would lead to their "Icon Room" which is decorated in full monochromatic decor and a mirrored ceiling.

Storm was shipped two 8-foot pieces of loose canvas to execute the murals. On one side of the door, the classic wallpaper mural pattern of The Cool People was painted, and the other, an isolated trinity of expressionistic figures. Once completed, the canvases were directly shipped to be stretched and installed.

Process Video

Once stretched and install, the two canvases transformed into a door, allowing for two main rooms to display the artwork. Stunning addition to their home filled with beautiful decor. If you are interested in a commissioned piece or on-location murals, please submit a request in the online form.

Process Photos


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