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the cool people @ the blur

Freshly painted mural for The Blur Nightclub in Dunedin, Florida this past week! My day began at 4:30am -- all work completed by 12pm. Started early so I was literally alone, alas still masked up. This gorgeous bar and event space recently was renovated, finalized with the addition of this wallpaper-like work! Absolutely gorgeous with the lighting and thrilled to be apart of a bustlingly fabulous hot spot in the creative, downtown area. Here's the archival painting video:

And how cool was the town of Dunedin to do a little feature on the mural on the local news show, Good Morning Dunedin. Really so full of love and gratitude for the gig during the holiday, via the pandemic, and when I was on a work break from NYC. Cheers to some fun in the sun, masks on and at bay of course.


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