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Artist Painted Smock (Third Eye)

Artist Painted Smock (Third Eye)


The more your wear it, the more it becomes a part of you. This grunged-out vintage artist smock rocks. Metallic splatter on the front, painted patches on the back.  This garment is super soft and is missing buttons on the front. You wear it openn anyhow, right? What a story this jacket has to tell. One of a kind and radical as hell! 


100% hand-painted, denim-like jacket is accomodating for all seasons. 


Estimated S/M Size. Petite medium.

Shoulders - 17"

Length - 27"

Sleeve Length - 22"


Authentic, Worn In Feel

Cut Out Buttons On Front

Vintage Aging

Vintage German Barn Jacket

100% Baumwolle (Cotton, Pre-Shrunk)


Hand Wash, Air Dry for Longevity

Steam or Iron Inside Out


Interested in a customized piece? Email

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