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Artist Painted Smock (Christopher St. Trip)

Artist Painted Smock (Christopher St. Trip)


The more your wear it, the more it becomes a part of you. This is the ULTIMATE vibe jacket. Feels like an heirloom, looks like a memorable tripppp, and gives you some serious street style coolness. Each painted "patch" is bold and funky monky. Literal fun in a jacket.


100% hand-painted, this artisan smock is a GORGEOUS piece to add to your wardrobe. Lightweight and super soft, the denim-like jacket is accomodating for all seasons.


Estimated Medium fit. Fits small with a slight oversize feel. Would fit a small large fitted (note the shoulder width) but the jacket is a unisex, sqaure cut making it easy to wear! 

Shoulders - 19" 

Length - 28"

Sleeve Length - 22"


Authentic, Worn In Feel

Vintage German Barn Jacket

100% Baumwolle (Cotton, Pre-Shrunk)

Vintage Buttons 


Hand Wash, Air Dry for Longevity 

Steam or Iron Inside Out


Interested in a customized piece? Email 

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