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Archives as NFTs

Please to have sold another two NFTs on platform, It's so thrilling to dive deeper to the Metaverse as an artist. I do not identify myself as a digital artist, but I am intrigued by the potential of growth through NFT creation. I launched a new collection called "Archive Of The Cool People" solely selling NFTs of physical process pieces, specifically exclusive to my personal collection of work. My other collection, "Realm of The Cool People" feature NFTs of paintings from 2020-2022.

Esoteric Study, February 2017

- sold -

— 1 of 1, Archive of The Cool People Collection

"A surrealist study, painted February 5th, 2017.

The physical loose canvas is stored in Storm Ritter's personal archive collection."

Inner Oracle

- sold -

— 1 of 1, Realm of The Cool People Collection

"The merging personas inside the mind; the decision makers of the soul."

Currently, I have 10+ NFTs for sale in two collections on, and just minted a few new ones of recent work.

And, this past week, I was a featured artist on the homepage of Kollect, which was a huge honor. Really enjoying learning more about the virtual ways to market and sell artwork. The more you educate, the more you thrive!


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