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radical radiation

Technicolor dream coat, perhaps? An absolute explosion of molecular magic. This leather jacket is one of my highlight pieces of 2019. I spent a great deal of time developing my technique and skills with leather paints, and this garment was an organic canvas. The creation of this jacket relied solely on energy, mood, and experimentation. Honest, it was just damn fun to make because I didn't set a controlled set of rules. The way this piece photographed was beyond far out, and set the tone for a chapter of work in studio. The original jacket has been sold, but prompted a handful custom painted with various garments. This style has a kitschy, playful vibe. Childlike, fantasy, psychedelic -- all contribute to the feeling this gives off. The bird on the front came to fruition out of luck, and the color orbs appeared out of repetition. I love working on a piece in layers, letting the unconscious take the lead. The dubbed, Radical Radiation, jacket became a additional style to add to my body of work.

The original Radical Radiation jacket has been sold, but prompted a handful custom painted pieces from jeans to maternity clothes! The whimsical look of this design makes people smile - definitely a successful experimentation.

Before the jacket moved to it's new owner, it was used in multiple photoshoots, including pulled for a styling job. Radical Radiation jacket started as a plain vintage leather coat and and now has so many new experiences under it's belt. Wishing it the best on it's journey and hope it always stays in the hands of someone stellar.


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