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Divine Wisdom (The Cool People) T-Shirt

Divine Wisdom (The Cool People) T-Shirt


Design: The Cool People are the people in your head and/or the spirits around you. The motif is open to interpretation as the femme forms offer a sense of divine and sacred protection. As an ambidextrous artist, I paint each figure using the right hand for structure and left hand for emotional movemment, combining the conscious and unconscious. Every form is different, just like a person. 


Every t-shirt is an unique art piece only you will own! Garments are made indivudally in NYC with our collection of original textiles. Design varies in each garment due to the placement of the fabric. Every t-shirt is an unique artpiece only you will own! 


Jersey Knit (Cotton Poly Blend)

Digtially Printed Textile Design

Wash Cold, Hang Dry for Best Color Longevity 


Contact if you wish to order custom. 

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