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green onions

Pretty stuck on scallions these days. Can't have a salad without 'em. Speaking of those snappy onions, heres an association rant you'd most likely not pair up, but hey, here we are. The current jam--circa 1962--in studio is Green Onions by Booker T. & The MG's. When this song's on, you can't help but just roll your head and vibbbbee out. In compliment to this number is this chilling-out outfit that just GOES. Top and bottom, pure, special-to-the-touch vintage, including the hat. Nothing like a carpet bag tapestry feel -- totally Mary Poppins with a joint, yeahh! I've had these pieces in my personal collection for some years now. But to be honest, I'd say 69% of the time when I'm alone, I paint topless. Free the nipple, and all that jazz. Went through a little bit of nudist period back living in a single dorm in early college years - gives me that nostalgic feel.

Damn, this song is GOOD. Don't you see yourself laying around in tapestry underwear, drinking a smoooooth beverage and jamming? Oh an making some food with green onions. Absurdism at it's finest. The song is such a theme - pretty sure it's been featured in countless movies. Music is timeless, man, Crazy how it can live forever. I hope these tapestry bottoms live forever somewhere because boy, have they brought me loads of good moods.

Images shot by Megan Breukelman at my home studio, NYC. 2020.


*And for peace, prosperity, and trust, I'm not lying about my declaration of love for scallions - they have become a staple in my diet.

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