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west village trip

Doesn't it feel sometimes that you repeat the same day over, and over? Same goes with painting. Sometimes you paint something over and over...and over. But more than mania, sometimes that repetition is teaching you to enhance something. Or perhaps, it just works and you feel it in your gut. It could feel like, YES I like what this feels and looks like - let's keep the pattern up! The difference of practice and obsession is all mindset. I often feel as though I'm in a hallucinated trance. Maybe because of the repetition of my day-to-day or due to visualizations from listening to certain music -- but either way, its all creative process. Or it's pot?

Around March 2020, at the start of the pandemic, I started really thinking about duality and cohesion as interconnected concepts. The black and white image of The Cool People with the reversal design came out one day, and I was like YES! This simple thing works for me. I enjoy the process of creating it, and the meanings are vastly achievable. It fulfills duality and acts as an excellent cohering image amongst Technicolor visuals. So, THIS JACKET! I find that the heart of this piece is the reversal image of The Cool People on the back. The painted patches on this jacket are all relevant to my day-to-day living in the West Village. From the 1 train to the one way, there's a lot going on. A vintage barn jacket to start, made of 100% cotton, this garments feels like a lightweight denim and already has quite a story. You can purchase this jacket or others like it here, and as always, send me a message for special order and have your story created just for you.

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