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pearl of wisdom

Gemini Moon –– a smaller painting finished this week, featuring the Gemini birthstone: a pearl. The esoteric-rooted series I'm focusing on is a completely natural occurrence. Meaning, I'm freeform painting and sculpting stories. Once elements are anchored in the composition, the emotion and auras are released. This leads me to make associations and tie together zodiac, tarot, and astrological concepts. It comes from my own unconscious and relates to specific viewers instantaneously. We are all so interconnected by symbolism; it's wild.

This birthing of wisdom, as I like to call it, has such an ethereal, old world aesthetic. The gold painted sides almost makes it feel like an antique or even a heavy book cover. There's something about knowing when soul is exposed, and that's when I know a piece is done. Smaller paintings hold a lot of detail, but also something to be said about restraint.


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