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The power of 3. Synchronicity, mercury, and femininity -- three things that all embody a circle. And 3 points define a circle. And a circle, is power. Synchronicity to me showcases how life is interconnected and cyclical. Mercury and female symbols include circles and are reminiscent of each other in shape. Mercury does represent individuality and essentially, it's technically a female symbol with a half circle above it-- offering freedom to explore. When it comes to painting and creating visuals embodying these concepts, I almost always use warm/hot colors of oranges, reds, pinks, and yellows, mainly because 3 and anything divisible by that appears in those hues in my mind's eye. I believe that way of seeing is called synthesia, but that's for another conversation. So google Carl Jung or even The Police, and you'll dig up some info on Synchronicity. It's groovy.

This jacket is called Mercury Woman and you can shop it here, along with other like products. Of course, if you're digging this vibe, a special order is just a message away. Now onward with the associations! Next up is the actual painting, entitled Synchronicity, which was the original inspiration for this ongoing series/motif. The painting inspired a textile design and apparel collection. I also still have a few select pieces in shop, but not a lot! The design is so rich and fun that it was pretty popular.

Just to continue the visual thread, here are some additional garments that are interconnected with this entire theme.

This jacket is also up for grabs in shop and is a killer vintage coat for fall and winter. I've held on to it for quite some time now, but you know, you got to share the wealth. Especially since this jacket is so groovy and empowering.

And below is a small gallery of samples of work embodying what we are chatting about. here today. More to come, but I have a million photos and only 24 hours in a day.

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