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pigment of food

Never diss what mother nature dishes. Color palettes are always on my mind, and many times I link my artwork with the colors of food in my fridge. Even photographing funky monkey things to spark new color compositions for outfits or paintings.

This morning, I found out this 2018 image & video duo of me mixing wine and paint –– you'll often see me using a marriage of wine with paint in studio. Not only can it stain things better, but it does give you another opportunity to drink more wine. Anyway, this memory inspired my ever-changing color attraction. Today, high- saturated reds and pinks.

Believe it or not, your life is intrinsically interconnected. I find when I am obsessed with something, it pops up in various forms throughout my routine. Today at the Union Square farmer's market, I eyed a carton of teeny-tiny, borderline over-ripe strawberries. The color pop matched my flaming pink color vibe and triggered my creative flow. Little did these little dudes know that they would become. A few minutes of my time, and vibrant art is made with my snack attack. It's enriching to use food as an artistic medium once in a blue moon. Not only is raw food sexy as ever to cook with, but it comes right from the earth. Even when I'm not stoned, I am dazzled by the infusion of hues natural food brings. Plus it's a clean dye? Holy cow batman, I am quickly infatuated when it comes to fruits and veggies. Life get's busy, and you can't possibly curate every meal you eat, but it's sheer fun to experiment when you're inspired. Art is about taking surrounding physical and spiritual elements and birthing something new. Finding the inspiration to spawn transformation. And It's true, put love and meaning in your food or work, you'll feel it back. Just another creative process that adds to the authenticity of your day.


Clean & cut strawberries. Put in blender. Add lemon juice, honey, and a splash of red wine. Pour in glass container. Freeze.

As a fan of freedom in the kitchen, eyeballing most ingredients to when it feels right. Unless I'm baking bread, I rarely follow a recipe

It's about making simple things, magical. Gotta say, the zesty sorbet was quite the fuel for me as I painted this evening.The shade of the final frozen result was fire! I don't expect every day to include a colorful food group, as I am grateful for all food I have access to. You don't need to spend a lot to feel spoiled. It's all about how it makes you feel.

Now when I notice these colors, I associate the zing of the strawberry and wine frozen delight with the tinglingly bright color palette. Its absolutely incredible how powerful your brain is to build associations and allow senses to cross paths. This is what creative experimentation is all about! You have to develop your own thoughts and feelings through your own processes, not other people's.

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