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go pin yourself!

You can never have enough pins. At Storm Ritter Studio, we had tubs and bins full of original & vintage pins. I personally have a pretty hefty collection of pins from all decades and styles, including my own work. Currently making some new ones on the reg as they are easy to wear, quick to buy, and can help voice opinions. Pins empower!

When I pin up a garment, 9/10 times the theatre kid shines through as I sing Telephone Hour from Bye Bye Birdie. WELL, I HEARD THEY GOT PINNED! DID SHE KISS HIM & CRY? Back in the day, courting couples would give or exchange a pin to represent their UNDYING LOVE for each other. With all the pins I have, I obviously have quite the impressive number of suiters.

The late 1950's style in this movie is parody of the Elvis craze - right before the boom of 1960's rock madness. In a fashion sense, I love meshing a retro 50's cut of clothing with a psychedelic twist. Duality and merging of styles is of interest to me, and a constant investigation. Linking punk'd out pins to a Technicolor musical, it all makes sense to me.

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