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swan harp

Started out painting a harp, a symbol of divine hope, but this double swan was born. Absurdism -- especially in theatre -- was one of my first Loves. That developed into a passion for surrealism, twisting my reality into a symbolic world of weird. As I painted this esoteric symbol in grand scale, I had Doctor Dolittle playing in the background. You know, the good one with Rex Harrison. The scene with the two-headed llama came on, which struck me as some straight up synchronicity! Duality is something I always play with in my work, from unconscious vs. conscious, to right hand vs, left hand, and evil vs. good. Two heads are better than one.

And the loose canvas was hand cut and listed online, available for purchase.

The Painted Patch

In true painterly fashion, I repeated the image. Practice makes progress.This painted jacket has such a gorgeous touch of divinity for some reason. Cultivated as a palette with almost a punk ethereal aesthetic. Special is an understatement. Recording these little moments in creation help me to understand the story I am telling. It's annoying to come up with contrived concepts and intentions -- the real genius in unique or valuable artwork purely comes from spontaneity or curated moments rooted from a meaning. The best things come from the soul, and that certainly can not be controlled.


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